Barn owls at Hidden Meadows Posted October 15, 2014


What a great summer for wildlife we have had this year.One of the main highlights has to be the return of the Barn owls after a 2 year absence.Numbers had declined due to the bad weather,particularly last year when it was very wet making conditions for hunting very difficult, the result being a lot of owls starved.But this year I am happy to report that I myself have seen a pair of Barn owls hunting in the meadows on more than a couple of occasions and some of our guests have reported seeing one of them silently flying past the tent,along the tree line, just as evening is falling,whilst they have been sitting on the veranda!how magical and if that wasn’t enough we have heard a Tawny owl in the oak tree a little further down on the meadow.We will certainly be monitoring our owls and doing every thing we can to help them.

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